Wartime Love Story

There is something romantic about a wartime love story. In fact many movies centered on war, particularly World War II, have an underlying love story as part of the overall plot. This underlying theme gives us hope in the face of impending doom, and even it ends tragically, it is still considered a great love story. Why World War II? Because practically every nation was involved. And even the country’s that were neutral were in some way effected by the war. It is one of the most universally tragic and yet romantic periods in our world’s history.

WWII is a time where men and women struggled to find themselves and each other. Being in love during this time was difficult. The men and women that fell in love during this war did not know if they would ever see each other again, especially the men. Every love letter they wrote to their special girl back in states could be the last, and both of them knew that.

There were instances where soldiers would fall in love with women in the war torn countryside of Europe. He would make the promise to find her after the war and bring her back to the states with him. This promise was made often, but was usually an empty promise. He most likely had a girl back at waiting for him back in the states. So, he would break his promise to his European girl and head back home to the other waiting for him back home. That is both romantic and tragic. Anyone who fell in love during this time has an incredible story to share. Just ask your grandparents or great-grandparents.

With so many twist and turns a real love story endured during this time period, it is easy to see why WWII is such a popular timeframe war to center a novel or movie love story around.

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